Hey there everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but the recent mismanagement of Twitter has kind of encouraged me to finally start working on my webpage. So bare with me as I start hobbling this together.

What to expect from this website going forward

I intend for this website to eventually be the hub of all my content and activities. I plan on adding the ability to subscribe to a membership and get early access to all my music before it’s released to streaming services. I also plan on maintaining a new blog where I write about music, entertainment, or whatever I might feel like talking about. I’m honestly kind of trying to figure this out as I go, so I don’t want to set too many details until I start building our community.

So for now, enjoy my latest single. Follow me on Spotify or your streaming platform of choice, because I already have a bunch of music to release going into the back half of this year.





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